Villa for sale in Ethiopia

Villa for sale in  Addis Ababa and other regions of Ethiopia.
Villa for sale 1
  • Villa for sale
  • Villa for sale 
    3.5 million 
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioBetelAddis Ababa
  • ETB 3,500,000
semi finished /G+2 villa for sale 1
  • semi finished /G+2 villa for sale
  • 500 m
  • Urgent semi finished villa beside Muller real estate CMC behind Sehalite Mareyam Church Special location Figa 
    # 500 sq.m 
    # G+2
    # 4.8 Million semi finished
    # 60%-70% Downpayment 
    # price negotiable 
    EthiopiaFigaAddis Ababa
  • ETB 4,800,000
72sqm Fully finished house 1
  • 72sqm Fully finished house
  • 72 m
  • ~Fully finished 72msq BULD for sale
    ~Location. -------anfo
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioAnfo Addis Ababa
  • ETB 3,700,000
G+2 house for Sale at Yerer 7
  • G+2 house for Sale at Yerer
  • 175 m
  • G+2 ቤት ሽያጭ @የረር:ቦሌ
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    G+2 ቤት ሽያጭ @የረር:ቦሌ
    ዋጋ:5.8ሚሊየን ብር /በድርድር/
    ኪችን/ማብሰያ: 2(1:ከሳሎን ጋር,1:ከዉጭ)
    የቤተሰብ ክፍል: 1
    መኝታ ቤቶች:4
    መታጠቢያ ክፍል:5
    የመኪና ማቅሚያ:3
    ቤቱ ጥሩ ቦታ ላይ የሚገኝ/የአስፋልት ግልባጭ / የሰራተኛ,የጥበቃ , ስቶር ክፍሎች ያሉት 

    G+2 house for Sale @Yerer:Bole
    Price:5.8Million Birr /negotiable /
    Site:Yerer Bole
    Kitchen :2
    Family room :1
    Bedroom :4
    Bathroom :5
    Parking :3
    The house is found on an ideal location behind the main asphalt /in a few distance to the Airport / to the city of Addis. 
    The house has maid room, store
    The site is very attractive and has every infrastructure, built on better location for residential purpose and has good compound .
    EthiopiaBoleyererAddis Ababa
  • ETB 5,800,000
Villa for sale  Summit Giyorgis 5
  • Villa for sale  Summit Giyorgis
  • 275 m
  • For sale 
    Summit Giyorgis church 
    - 75m2 - 2bed room -1bath &1shower 
    - 2 million negotiable (price)
    L- shape house on 75m2 with living room(salon) 2bed room one with bath & closet,kitchen,maids room,outdoor shower & 1car parking.
    ሰሚት ጊዮርጊስ
    - 75 ካሬ 
    -2 ሚልየን ይደራደራሉ 
    75ካሬ ግቢ ላይ ያረፈ L ሼፕ ቤት ሳሎን,2መኝታ ቤት አንደኛው መታጠቢያቤት ገንዳ እና ቁምሳጥን ያለው,ማብሰያ ክፍል,የሰራተኛ ክፍል, የጋራ መታጠቢያ ቤት ያለው
    EthiopiaBolesemmit Addis Ababa
  • ETB 2,000,000
g+3 for sale at Kality total 2
  • g+3 for sale at Kality total
  • 594 m
  •      G+3 house for sale at Kality residence. It’s found after Kality total in private association compound. It has a total size of 94m2, has about 5 bedrooms, wide living room, kitchen, bath & car parking area.
      The house is on final interior finishing works & the owner wants to sell on this condition. Selling price is low & a little bit negotiable. The place has good transportation access with a lot of markets, banks, cafe, restaurant & many more. This is a huge chance use it. If you are the real buyer just contact us to find on +251920039447, +251965567919
    EthiopiaAkaky KalitiKality TotalAddis Ababa394 m
  • ETB 2,400,000
Villa 10
  • Villa
  • 54250 m
  • 250 sqm In carta 280m² in measuring Modern villa for sale,  having two wide   salons five  bed rooms, a master bedroom with walk-in bathroom  including Jacuzzi, four bathrooms, fully equipped  kitchen . can park  up to 4  cars at  a time, very close to   main road and every facilities are available in walking distance.  starting price is 6.2 million and its   open for negotiation.
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioAddis Ababa
G+2 HOUSE 10
  • G+2 HOUSE
  • 45175 m
  • G+2 ቤት ሽያጭ 
    ዋጋ:5.8ሚሊየን ብር /በድርድር/
    ኪችን/ማብሰያ: 2(1:ከሳሎን ጋር,1:ከዉጭ)
    የቤተሰብ ክፍል: 1
    መኝታ :4
    መታጠቢያ ክፍል:5
    የመኪና ማቅሚያ:3
    ቤቱ ጥሩ ቦታ ላይ የሚገኝ/የአስፋልት ግልባጭ / የሰራተኛ,የጥበቃ , ስቶር ክፍሎች ያሉት 
    ሰፈሩ ሁሉ ልማቶችቤቶች ያሉት ለመኖር ምቹ የሆነ ,ለኤርፖርት ቅርብ የሆነ , ለሁሉም ነገር ቅርብ ና ቆንጆ ሰፈር ነው::
    EthiopiayererAddis Ababa
  • ETB 5,800,000
Villa house for sale 9
  • Villa house for sale
  • 32267 m
  • Area.............267m2 
    Main house:-
    Salon ...........1
    Service :-
    2 bedroom and 1 bathroom 
    With 1500 liter tancker
    Fully finushed kichen .........1
    Parking...........................3 cars
    Main house & service Area...180m.2
    Price........5,500,000br negotiabel price
    A.a,Kolfe keraniyo, weyera,tabot maderia
    EthiopiaKolfe Keranioweyera sefer,tabot maderiaAddis Ababa
  • ETB 5,500,000
House for sale 3
  • House for sale
  • 32300 m
  • 300 square meters
    3 bedrooms
    3service room's
    2 bathrooms
    Parks 2 cars
    In a guarded compound
    Green area
    EthiopiaAyatAddis Ababa
  • ETB 5,700,000
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