Villa for sale in Ethiopia

Villa for sale in  Addis Ababa and other regions of Ethiopia.
Villa house for Sale 6
  • Villa house for Sale
  • Villa house for Sale
    Location- on the way from Cherkos to Lancha on the main road 
    Plot-500 kare meter 
    Two bed rooms kitchen and toilet on the main house five service rooms very large compound for any kind of purpose ...
    Price  7.000.000 birr slightly negotiable
    Ethiopiaon the way from Cherkos to Lancha Addis Ababa
  • ETB 7,000,000
  • 42

  • #living and dining 
    # master bed room with its bath room and built in cupboard
    # 2 child bed room with its bath
    # kitchen with its kitchen cabinet
    # 2 guest and maids room with its toilets
    # 1 car parking
    EthiopiaEthiopiaGELAN Ethiopia
  • 42150 m
  • An old house for sale around saris, near to Bihere tsige park  this house have all the legal documents on hand. have four  bedrooms with two bathrooms, found very near from the main road. the  final price is  two million and it is negotiable.EthiopiaEthiopiaSarisEthiopia
  • ETB 2,000,000
  • G+1 HOUSE
  • 74160 m
  • 160msq. Modern G+1 BLDG for Sale. 
    ▪Parking...........................2 Cars.
    ▪Bathrooms including jaccuzi..4
    ▪fully furnished kitchen............2
    ◇Location...........around CMC.
  • ETB 5,600,000
House for sale  1
  • House for sale 
  • 200 m
  • House for sale EthiopiaBoleJacrosAddis Ababa
  • ETB 9,000,000
175 sq.m land with villa & service for sale
  • 175 sq.m land with villa & service for sale
  • 22175 m
  • 175 sq. m with a villa and sevice. The villa has a spacious living room, 2
    bedrooms and a bathroom. Address around mekanissa german adebabay. Call
    0930643598. Price is negotiable.
    EthiopiaMexico2003120 m
  • ETB 4,300,000
Villa for sell 1
  • Villa for sell
  • 33
  • LOCATION - Gerji mebrat hayle
    AREA          - 128 m2
    PRICE         - 3.75 million last
    DESCRIPTION -  villa house for sell with 3bed room ,3bath room kitchen,store & maids room 1car parking area for more information about real estate to buy, sell , rent house, apartment, land, wearhouse & other  
    call 0962 168121    viber 0910 02 9584
       የሚሸጥ ቪላ ቤት   
    አካባቢ  - ገርጂ መብራት ሀይል
    ስፋት    - 128ካሬ
    ዋጋ      - 3.75 ሚልየን መጨረሻ
    ተጨማሪ - የሚሸጥ ቪላ ቤት 3መኝታ,3መታጠቢያ ቤት,ማብሰያ ቤት,ስቶር እና የሰራተኛ ክፍል 1መኪና ማቆሚያ ለበለጠ ማንኛውም መረጃ ስለ ቤት,መሬት, አፓርታማ,ኮንደሚንየም ,መጋዘን  ሽያጭ ,ግዢ ,ኪራይ በተመለከተ በ0962 168121 ወይም
                        ቫይበር 0910 029584

    EthiopiaAddis Ababa+251910 02958420171128 m
  • ETB 3,750,000
175Msq modern villa for sale 2
  • 175Msq modern villa for sale
  • 53175 m
  • 175Msq modern villa for sale
    ~Bathrooms& latrin-------3
    ~Cup board---===-------1
    ~fully furnished kitchen-----1
    ~locatin around ______________Betel
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioBetelAddis Ababa
G+1house for sale around summit 1
  • G+1house for sale around summit
  • 33120 m
  • LOCATION - around summit
    AREA - 120 m2
    PRICE - 3.8million
    DESCRIPTION - G+1house for sell around summit with 3bed room 3bath room on main house and it has service green area at the front 
    የሚሸጥ ቤት 
     አካባቢ - ሰሚት አካባቢ
    ስፋት - 120ካሬ
    ዋጋ - 3.8 ሚልየን
    ተጨማሪ - ጂ+1 ቤት ሶስት መኝታ እና 3መታጠቢያ ቤት እን ሰርቪስ ያለው ከፊት ለፊቱ ግሪን ኤርያ ያለው
    EthiopiaBoleSemmitAddis Ababa
  • ETB 3,800,000
150msq villa for sale 2
  • 150msq villa for sale
  • 53150 m
  • 150msq villa for sale
    Parkinh .-----------2carrs
    location-----around betel
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioBetelAddis Ababa
  • ETB 3,200,000
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