Studio condominium for rent / sale

  •   STUDIO CONDOMINIUM FOR SALEEthiopiaGullelebirchiko, mikililand condominium Addis Ababa
  • ETB 400,000.00
condominium for sale 1
  • condominium for sale
  • 150 m
  • condominium for sale at summit on ground floor located at 50 can be used as for more on +251913663433.EthiopiaSummitAddis Ababa50 m
  • ETB 980,000.00
studio for sale 1
  • studio for sale
  • 1129 m
  • studio condominium for sale at kera.its located on 29 m2 on 1st floor with having living room,bath & kitchen.EthiopiaKirkosKera gofa mebrate haileAddis Ababa129 m
  • ETB 440,000.00
sudio condominium for sale at shola gebeya 1
  • sudio condominium for sale at shola gebeya
  • 1124 m
  • Studio condominium for sale at shola gebeya near british embassy.its live on first floor,carta,bank document & kefle ketema document avilable.its more than 5 years so it can legally transferable.currently rented.there is no broker for the saller or buyer.EthiopiaGulleleShola gebeya near to british embassyAddis Ababa124 m
  • ETB 475,000.00
Studio For Sale Near Briti 1
  • Studio For Sale Near Briti
  • 1124 m
  • Condominium for Sale, First floor, karta, bank documents and kefle ketema documents are  available , legally transferable (more than 5 years), no bank loan . the condominium is located Near British Embassy, near to taxi stop, currently it is rented with 3500 birr,  the selling processes can be completed at “wele enna masreja”, ownership can be immediatly transfered to the buyer,  i am the owner of the house, no broker (delala), price is 490,000 birr.Ethiopianear british EmbassyAddis Ababa2006124 m
  • ETB 490,000.00
studio condominium for sale 1
  • studio condominium for sale
  • 1118 m
  • Studio condominium on first floor at Gofa Mebrate Haile site.Carta available,the house is above 5 year so it can legally transferable through welena maserja.EthiopiaGofa Mebrate HaileAddis Ababa2010118 m
  • ETB 370,000.00
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