Houses for sale in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and other regions

  • 3372 m
    the house have a total space of 72 sqm three bed rooms wih bath. can park one car too.
    EthiopiaBoleAyat 72Addis Ababa
  • 2,200,000 ETB
unfinished house 1
  • unfinished house
  • 72 m
  • unfinished houseEthiopiaAlembank Anfo After Alifa SchoolAddis Ababa
  • 1,300,000 ETB
  • 54
  • LOCATION - semmit 72  
    AREA        - 72m2
    PRICE       -4 million nigoshable
    DESCRIPTION - site located around semmit 72 residence 72m2 plot G+3  living & dining ,5 bed room, 4 bath room,maids room, & kitchen 1 cars parking best finishing quality.
    For more information call 0962 168121     or viber 0910 029584
        የሚሸጥ ቤት
    አካባቢ- ሰሚት 72
    ስፋት   - 72 ካሬ
    ዋጋ     - 4 ሚልየን መደራደሪያ
    ተጨማሪ - ቦታው የሚገኘው ሰሚት 72 ጥሩ የመኖሪያ ሰፈር  ቪላ እና ሰርቪስ ያረፈበት ግቢ 72  ሳሎን,5 መኝታ ቤት,4 ሻወር ቤት,የሰራተኛ ክፍል, እና ኪችን 1ትልልቅ መኪና የሚያቆም በጣም ጥሩ አጨራረስ  
    ለበለጠ መረጃ 0962 168121
                ቫይበር 0910 029584
    EthiopiaAddis Ababa0910 029584372 m
  • 4,000,000 ETB
Villa on final finishing stage for sale
  • Villa on final finishing stage for sale
  • 22140 m
  • L-shape villa under construction for sale at SULULTA located in fresh & unpolluted redidential has a size of 140m2.the house is on final finishing stage,has good selling price dont miss it & call to get on +251931693333, +251912922547
    EthiopiaSULULTAOromia1140 m
  • 900,000 ETB
G+2 unfinished house 2
  • G+2 unfinished house
  • 4220 m

  • Four bed room ground plus two unfinished house on 220 meter square plot of land for sale at Sumit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The house is located in a residential area and it has living and dining room, kitchen, an office, four bed rooms with their own bathrooms, two service rooms with 2 bed rooms and living room, and parking for three cars. The price is negotiable.
    EthiopiaBoleCMCAddis Ababa
  • 4,200,000 ETB
G+2 House substructure for sale kality area  1
Unfinished G+1 House For Sale 1
  • Unfinished G+1 House For Sale
  • 94 m
  • Unfinished G+1 House For Sale
    Brand new G+1 houses unfinished building for sale in this condition with affordable price. The houses has one story floor well-built and the skeleton are done and it is only the finishing is your part, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to make your family house or huge business building. It is also located in a great area for business or even for settled family with a secure compound. It also includes outside parking and huge compound. The house is fully started with quality work and you can finish it with more quality and more of your style. This unfinished house is located Summit.
    EthiopiaBoleSemmitAddis Ababa
  • 2,300,000 ETB
House for Rent(shared) 1
  • House for Rent(shared)
  • 2175 m
  • An elegant, fully furnished House in  Asco area is now available for rent with affordable price. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms. It has a wide and classy living room  plus an extra room for a store. It also has an amazing kitchen with a washing trey. The House is fenced with paved stone floors outside. There is feresh air with fabulous view, security guard, and water tank available on the House. This work of art has a parking spaces and it is located around west point of addis. . The Housing is a mixture of modern residential buildings as well as local Housing. Plenty of shops as well as bars and restaurants offer everything you need to feel home.please call on +251944259145 or +251910990779Ethiopiakolfe , winget20171
  • 9,800 ETB
Unfinished G+2 for Sale 1
  • Unfinished G+2 for Sale
  • 72 m
  • Ground floor slab and colons are completed and well-constructed. It has best location with short walking distance from two main asphalt roads in two different directions. The house is placed within good neighborhood and will have a 17 meter road just at the front. Since the construction is at foundation stage, it provides you with excellent flexibility to do subsequent work as per your preferences. City services like cafe, shop, bank, school and transport are very near. The asking price is 850,000.00 Birr.EthiopiaAkaky KalitiKalityAddis Ababa
  • 850,000 ETB
G+2 house under constuction 1
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