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House for sell 1
  • House for sell
  • 400 m
  • the property is located at ayat resident area number 2 near the main asphalt road.it is an old house with total area 400m2 easily to be demolition for reconstruction of a new house.if you are planning to build your new home dont miss this chance.EthiopiaAddis AbabaAyat no 2400 m
  • ETB 3,200,000
appartment for sale at ayat 4
  • appartment for sale at ayat
  • 32110 m
  • This is a medium size appartment building with standard life style displayed.it is characterized by a medium affordablity with complete setup & layout of rooms.it has a master bedroom with a master bathroom,2 other bedrooms,a louxurious living & dining room,kitchen,store,commom shower & toilet,enough pass ways & corridors.EthiopiaAyat menderAddis Ababa
Villa for sale at ayat 5
  • Villa for sale at ayat
  • 32105 m
  • a typical ayat villa is the 105 m2 wide g+0 villa.this is a 3 bedroom house with luxurious dining & living room,2 kitchen,store,maids room,parking,wide pass ways & interesting green area.this is the best choice relatively lower income class & the price is fair enough.EthiopiaAyatAddis Ababa1
Ayat appartments for sale 4
  • Ayat appartments for sale
  • 2172 m
  • This is a common type of appartment building with high customer demand.it has 2 bedrooms,living & dining room,store,kitchen,bathroom,balcony & common parking area.this appartment is fully furnished & with affordable cost.EthiopiaAyatAddis Ababa
ayat g+0 villas for sae 2
  • ayat g+0 villas for sae
  • 32
  • Ayat g+0 villas are the most common type of homes in ayat.it has different number of bedrooms based on the size of the plot & agreement with the customer,the most common of which being 2 & 3 bedrooms,others common room include dining & living room,fully furnished kitchen,maids room,shower & toilet.all of homes have enough parking area,green area.this villas is relatively affordable.EthiopiaBoleAyatAddis Ababa1
Ayat villa for sale 4
  • Ayat villa for sale
  • 43200 m
  • This villa is an extra ordinarily luxorious house for a large family.it has 4 bedrooms & relaxed types of rooms with modern styles & standards.it includes master bedroom with dressing & master bathroom,2 double bedroom & 1 single bedroom,2 common bathroom,luxorious living & dining room,fully furnished kitchen,maids room,ample parking,neat compound,green area & store.EthiopiaAddis AbabaAyat1200 m
Ayat villa for sale 5
  • Ayat villa for sale
  • 43170 m
  • a very luxorious villa is the 170 m2 one.it is commonly g+1 villa with a very interesting design & layout of rooms.this type of villa has many good quality features.it has master bedroom,master bathroom,wide balcony,2 double bedroom,luxorious dining & living room,fully furnished kitchen,common shower & toilet,store,maids room,parking,wide hallways & interesting green area.affordable prize.EthiopiaBoleayatAddis Ababa2170 m
Ayat appartments fo sale 5
  • Ayat appartments fo sale
  • 2262 m
  • this is smallest site available among ayat appartments.mostly it chosen by lower income customers & customers who need additional rest rooms.it has a master bedroom ,a bedroom,living & dining room,fully furnished kitchen,store,shower & toilet,enough pass way corridors & common parking areas.the price is affordable for any one.EthiopiaBoleayatAddis Ababa
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