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Office Building for Rent
  • Office Building for Rent
  • 800 m
  • - Office Building (G+Mezzanine+4) for rent around 22 Mazoria, 150 Meter from Meklit Building(Abyssinia Cofee), behind Dani H. Hotel.
    - More than 225 Sq.M parking space available
    - Internal painting and mirrors remaining!
    Tel. +251-911-892690/ +251-911-123906
    EthiopiaBoleBole Sub-City Woreda 04Addis Ababa20174800 m
  • ETB 270,000
G+5 Office Space for Rent at Bole
  • G+5 Office Space for Rent at Bole
  • 10250 m
  • G+5 Commercial property for Rent for Office use at Bole. The Ground floor is occupied for bar and Restaurant but 1st to 5th floor is available for Rent 300 birr/sqm. It's Located next to Millennium Hall at Bole Very Close to Airport Road.
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    EthiopiaAddis AbabaBole Near Millennium HallAddis Ababa20165500 m
  • ETB 300
G+3 Building for rent at meskel flower 
  • G+3 Building for rent at meskel flower 
  • 2626
  • G+3 Building for rent at meskel flower 
    Bedrooms - 26 
    Bathrooms - 26 
    Each bedrooms with its own bathromms ,can be used as guest house.
    EthiopiaKirkosMeskel Flower Addis Ababa
  • ETB 180,000
Wanted store up for rent at Lebu
  • Wanted store up for rent at Lebu
  • 2500 m
  •    Store up for rent on the very comfortable area for any kind of business which is known by Lebu. It’s found in front of the main road on the total area of 2500m2. The sore covered 1000m2. It’s built by brick walls; the compound is spacious and also has brick walls all around.
       The property can give service for any kind of work. Renting price is good but you can talk with the owners. There are good roads that lead you to different direction. Contact us for more at +251912318803, +251960188752
    EthiopiaNifas Silk-LaftoLebuAddis Ababa11000 m
  • ETB 170,000
G+1 buildings for  lease
  • G+1 buildings for lease
  • 83300 m

  • This building is located around gerji,located just 20 meters from the main road making it conveniet for your daily comute it has more than 6 rooms 3 bathrooms equipped with the lates heating systems it has enough enclosed parking space. This building is ideal for business or residential home. please use the description to contact me if you require further info. Best regards!
    EthiopiaBoleAddis Ababa2009287 m
  • ETB 30,000
Store for rent at Jemo
  • Store for rent at Jemo
  • 300 m
  •   Store for rent at the convenient place to work at Jemo. It is located 50 meters away from the main road on the total area of 300m2. The store is built with brick walls and its place in the interior main road.
       You can use this place for many services with out to store breweries. The place is one of the nearest area to home town. Renting price is good & negotiable. Call for more at +251911775468, +251933944040
    EthiopiaNifas Silk-LaftoJemo1Addis Ababa1300 m
  • ETB 80,000
Store for rent at Ayer tena
  • Store for rent at Ayer tena
  • 2000 m
  •     Ware house/store/ for rent at Ayer Tena which is found in good area near to the main road. It has a total area of 2000m2, It has office with store located at 1200m2 and the rest 800m2 left for the surrounding compound.
        The house is fully built with brick, the surrounding wall also made with brick. The store can be different types services, it can be for factory or else. The place is good for business, there is optional road which is leading you to the place & it’s the nearest part to the middle town.
       Renting price good and negotiable, call to find on +251911775468, +251933944040
    EthiopiaKolfe KeranioAyer TenaAddis Ababa12000 m
  • ETB 200,000
  • 3000 m
  •     Wear house/ Store/ for rent at Haile Garment. It’s located at the spacious 3000m2 & it’s found near to the main road. The store placed at 1000m2 and has office which has a total size of 150m2. It also has spacious compound that can park many cars & it can also use for other purpose.
        The compound surrounded by brick walls. You can use this store for any purpose; you can negotiate the renting price with the owner. Call to find on +251911775468, +251933944040
    EthiopiaNifas Silk-LaftoHaile garmentAddis Ababa13000 m
  • ETB 190,000
Ware house for rent at Legetafo
  • Ware house for rent at Legetafo
  • 1200 m
  •     Ware house for rent at Legetafo. It’s found at the best place which is suitable for any movement either by car or by walk & found near to the main road. It has a total area of 1200m2.
       It can be for any purpose that you want to store in the place. Renting price is good, you can call us to get & see the place.
     Contact us for more at +251931693333, +251912922547
    EthiopiaLegetafoLegetafoOromia11200 m
  • ETB 130,000
Coffee shop or restaurant for rent
  • Coffee shop or restaurant for rent
  • We coffee shope or can use as a resturant for rent its located on the new main road of 40 road bithel - room the coffee shope is with cashir room and bathroom and balokona,
    Contact name: Sultan 0913827085
    EthiopiaAddis AbabaBithel - room2017
  • ETB 12,000
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