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Land for rent 2
  • Land for rent
  • 4000 m
  • ለሚከራይ⛔
    ለኢንሹራንስ,,ለመኪና ማደራጃ ለተለያዩ አገልግሎት የሚሆን 4000 ካሬ የሚከራይ አለን ቃሊቲ አካባቢ ሙሉ መረጃውን ደውለው ይጠይቁን 
    EthiopiaAkaky KalitikalitiAddis Ababa
350 ካሬ፣ ቦሌ ቡልቡላ 0944139292 1
For rent 1
  • For rent
  • 42500 m
  • የሚከረይ ቤት ለቡEthiopiaAddis AbabaLebu Addis Ababa20152500 m
  • ETB 21,000
Home for rent at Lebu 1
Semi furnished Modern Home for Rent in Addis Ababa 10
  • Semi furnished Modern Home for Rent in Addis Ababa
  • 34350 m
  • G+1 Spacious House with Beautiful Garden for Rent in Addis Ababa, Ayat Residential Compound.

    Why not exclusively hire a luxury House with Affordable price in a glorious location at Ayat Residential Area for your Staying in Addis Ababa Suitable for your Holiday, Party or Event?

    Set in a SECURE and PEACEFUL Gated Compound at Ayat is available for you and your guests to enjoy in total privacy for the entire length of your stay.
    Entering the G+1 HOUSE the views are breathtaking, the rooms are elegant and welcoming, the quality speaks for itself. This appealing home combines desirable location & tranquil setting, unique charm & modern luxury. 

    The property includes Semi furnished large and Beautiful living room, Modern kitchen, elegant wooden floor with a huge window overlooking the beautiful view, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, kitchen with modern appliances, store, maid room & Guest room. The Home has covered parking space, Beautiful Spacious Garden with breathtaking View, open parking space, service quarter with multi purpose rooms and bathroom.

    You'll find this house totally refreshing.
    Book it Immediately it won't last long in the Market.
    Price $1,300 USD/Month
    Call us now!!
    ***** ******* ****** ***** 
    Your housing needs in Addis Ababa deserve the care of a specialist. No One Has More Experience Or Expertise To Help You Than An Agent Who Is A Realtor.
    We are your REALTOR. Welcome Home.
    We provide a highly personalised and professional service.
    Call us Now! 
    EthiopiaBoleAyat Residential Area Zone 2Addis Ababa1
  • ETB 30,000
  • 128
  • LOCATION - around megnana (Amce)
    AREA     - 300 m2
    PRICE   -4700 USD $/month negotiable
    DESCRIPTION -  big house for rent around megnana(amce). near to megnana 10minit drive from bole airport its 50meter from miner asphalt rode beautiful G+2 main house &G+1servise with 12bed room,8bath room,family room with beautiful view 2kitchen,laundry,maids room,store,guard house,garden area &  4 suv car parking area  for more information about real estate to buy, sell , rent house, apartment, land, wearhouse & other  
    call 0962 168121    viber 0910 02 9584
    EthiopiaAddis Ababa+251910 0295843300 m
  • ETB 180,100
Luxourious g+2 for rent at Meri 6
  • Luxourious g+2 for rent at Meri
  • Louxourious g+2 for rent at Meri which is found just 200 meters away from the main road. It has g+1 service quarter. Main house with service quarter is all located on has many rooms,has terrace which has beautifull view. The compound is very wide,has beautifull green area & it has parking for six cars.the house can be used for any purpose such as appartment,hotell,hospital etc..
    renting price is good & negotiable call us on +251912045397, +251921559559
    EthiopiaEthiopiaCMC MERIEthiopia2
  • ETB 70,000
Rent. 21 mtsq 3000birr for office 2
  • Rent. 21 mtsq 3000birr for office
  • 21 m
  • 3rd floor home for office

    Good for new business starter

    6 month payment

    all rent tax covered by owner
    EthiopiaBolemegenagna. Addis Ababa21 m
  • ETB 3,000
house for rent with or without furniter 1
  • house for rent with or without furniter
  • 76
  • * TYPE 1-G+1 plot 570m2 built up 490m2
                  - 7 bed room & 1Dressing room
                  - 6 bath room                                                             - 2 kitchen
                  - 2 maids room
                  - 1 Family room
                  - 8 Car parking
    lobby,laundry,store & security room  
    Price - without furniture   4000$ USD
                 Furnished                5000$ USD
    * TYPE 3 -B+G+ plot 500m2 built up 430m2
                     - 6Bed room & 1dressing room
                     - 6 Bath room
                     - 2 Kitchen
                     - 2Maids room
                     - 1 Family room
                     - 7Car parking
    Lobby,laundry ,store & security room
    Price- without furniture 3500$ USD
                 Furnished             4500 $ USD     
    * TYPE 4 -G+1plot 300m2 built up 250m2
                     -4 bed room & 1dressing room
                     - 4 Bath room     
                     - 2Kitchen
                     -1maids room
                     -1 Family room
                     - 4Car parking
    Laundry,store,security room
    Price -without furniture 2300 $ USD
                 Furnished             3300 $ USD
    * TYPE 5 -B+G+1 plot 600m2 built up 565m2
                      - 6bed room &1dressing room
                      - 6Bath room
                      - 2 kitchen
                      - 2 maids room
                      - 2 family room
                      - 10Car parking
    + Lobby,laundry store & security room
    Price -without furniture 5500$  USD
                 Furnished             6500 $ USD
    - All house has -WiFi survive,fixed telephone line,water reservoir, compound security
    - asphalt rode compound,garbage disposal,
    EthiopiaAddis Ababa+251910 0295842600 m
House for rent! Old Air port 4
  • House for rent! Old Air port
  • 43
  • Details
    • Norwegian Embassy Residence area
      Large house with bsmt & G+1
      Large MBR, 3 other bedrooms, 2 updated bathrooms on top floor
      Basement with bathroom, kitchen area, bedrooms
      Additional service bath & 2 detached rooms, guard house & covered parking
      Charming garden for entertaining
    0967 001705/0911 47 68 72  [email protected]
    EthiopiaMeskel Flower , 4th floor , Off.No 4071
  • ETB 59,000
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