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May 19, 2017
Merkato, known for being the largest open market in Africa has been a lively market place for several decades where everything can be found in a vast area of constant trading.
Items such as clothing, electronics, household goods, furniture, jewelry, foodstuff, you name it, they can all be found in Merkato at the cheapest price.
There is virtually no limit to what can be found in Merkato. With the size of the area and the different far flung places dedicated for different goods, however, one has to travel long distances and tolerate lots of pushing and shoving to get to the desired product. Once the desired product is found, there is the customary haggling over price, and the cycle goes on.
HelloMerkato is the online version of the Merkato we have always known growing up, and it has the simple mission of bringing Merkato as we know it to your phone, tablet or computer so that you can conveniently shop for the product of your choice at best prices without the pushing and shoving.
Whether you are looking for mobile phones, computers, furniture, clothing, watches, power tools, or home items, HelloMerkato has a large selection at reasonable prices. Click through the low price offers from the thousands of Merkato shops who feature their merchandise on the classifieds section of HelloMerkato.
Happy Shopping on HelloMerkato!
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